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Advocate to Advocate has a particular interest in working with lawyers and professionals, because they understand how unresolved emotional issues can impact one’s wellness relating to their personal and professional lives.


Our Goal is to Inform, Inspire, and Provoke Wellness in Confidence

In 2016, the American Bar Association (ABA) Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs and Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation published a study of 12,000 lawyers currently practicing law. Some of the findings from the study include: Between 21 and 36 percent qualify as problem drinkers; Approximately 28 percent, 19 percent, and 23 percent are struggling with some level of depression, anxiety, and stress.


Meet The Founder

Dr. Shamara McFarland, JD, MAFP

Advocate to Advocate was founded by Shamara McFarland. She is a graduate of Abraham Lincoln University Law School; and she is a member of Delta Theta Phi International Law Fraternity. Shamara holds a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology; and Bachelor degrees in Psychology and Black Studies. She is a member of the Golden Key International Honors Society; and she is certified as a Meditator and Conflict Resolution.

In addition, Shamara is a member of International Association for Correctional and Forensic Psychology. For about 24 years, Shamara has volunteered or worked in some capacity in field of mental health and the law. Her mental health training and experiences ranges from presenting workshops on substances uses relating to legal and mental factors, an advocate for rape survivors, at-risk and crisis intervention counselor, in-prison group mentor (federal prison), premarital counseling, and managing depression during the holidays. Her legal experience includes twenty-four years as a public servant. Read Full Bio Here

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Work Engagement vs. Burnout

Learn how to stay engaged in our work without experiencing burnout.

Resilience & Optimism

Learn how adversity can lead to great success through resilience and optimism.

Sleep Deprivation

The benefits and the need for sleep; and how to rejuvenate after periods sleep deprivation.

Conflict Management

Learn to develop interpersonal and conflict resolution skills to increase team building with colleagues.

Work-Life Conflict

Learn how to constructively handle conflict with clients, opposing counsel, colleagues, or loved ones.

Meaning & Purpose

Explore what is meaning to each of use to find purpose in our work to buffer against stress.

Financial worries

Learn how financial worries can impact our mental and physical health.


Learn how to manage the stressors we encounter because all stress is not bad.

we are committed to see you thrive in every area of your life

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The ABA created this resolution because they identified a need to support the goal of improving the well-being of lawyers.

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